Sunday, October 5, 2008

Week Eleven and Sea Gull Century Report

First the weigh in report is another 2.2 pounds down – I weighed 212.8 as of this morning! 32.2 pounds of fat gone!

Now, the Sea Gull. There are not enough superlatives to describe this weekend! First off, it was the 20th Annual Sea Gull and I had bid on the rider number 20 and I won! Very cool. They also gave me a signed print of the picture for this year’s ride – even more very cool. There were over 6000 riders of all ages, shapes, races, and you name it, from all over North America bombarding the small town of Salisbury, Maryland. On Friday night there was a reception with a DJ, barbecued chicken, Nachos, soft pretzels, popcorn, beer, wine and energy drinks – all outside - very, very nice. Ride day was perfect weather-wise. I was up at 4:40 too excited to sleep and raring to go. The ride was beautiful – all day I seemed to peddle effortlessly – one of my best biking memories. When the ride was over there was a party of all parties! Hot dogs, hamburgers, grilled chicken, soda, beer out the wazoo and best of all a live band. Man, what a weekend - 2009 – here I come! I’ll do the picture thing ASAP.

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