Thursday, April 18, 2013

Weird that people are finding this blog after all these years! Much has happened since 2009 - I did gain a little weight but recently was diagnosed as pre-diabetic and put on metformin.  WAKE UP CALL!  I went right back to weight watcher and I'm about down to where I used to be in 2009.

I probably won't post any more, but folks, please for your own sake, keep the fat off, exercise, even if it's just a 30 minute brisk walk.  Food is wonderful, but it's also dangerous in the wrong quantities.

Thanks all!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bad news and very bad news

Yeah, it's what you think... I fell off the wagon. Like an alcoholic fueled by a full case of good liquor I've been a remorseless eating machine. I've gained some weight but I'm fighting to get the "spirit" back. I did great yesterday until my kids took me to an all you can eat sushi place.

Today I take my life back! I will be healthy! I will make the right choices!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Good news, bad news...

Good news - I'm down .2 - which, in my mind, a negligible loss - so I'm maintaining. The bad news is I'm eating some "junky" food. I've got to nip this in the bud - NOW! I lost weight not to look good but to be healthy. I'm a ravenous junk food- (e.g. chocolate) -aholic; but the fight is on and I WILL win!

Have a great week.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Gained on Purpose

That seven pound loss last week was amazing, but unsettling. Too much weight, at least I thought. So this week I ate more. I can’t say it bothered me to eat more to gain weight – for the first time in my life. I hoped for +/- two pounds and it ended up at 2.2 pounds up for the week. I weighted 180.8 this morning. Now I can back off and slowly get down to goal at 178. I’m in no rush to get to goal – I’m more in a rush to be healthy and feel good. By the beginning of this past week I felt “weak-ish,” like under fed or something and seven pound at 180 is a lot different than seven pounds at 240. The crappy weather isn’t a great help – if it were midsummer I probably wouldn’t have noticed. Oh well, but I’m feeling good about where I am.

Active, fun day ahead and work has be BUSY!

Have a great week!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Weird But Wonderful Weigh-In

I had a very “interesting” week; quite tumultuous, to say the least. Consequently I missed a few meals – I went almost a day and a half without eating at one point. So when I got on the scales this morning I weighed 178.6! I was very surprised, to say the least – oh, and yes, I tried several times to make sure! Needless to say, the Weight Watchers web site yelled at me, but I don’t care! I feel great and I’ve learned a lot.

What’s wrong with being hungry? Why am I so driven by it – almost afraid of it? I often I wonder if it’s really true hunger I that I feel or just psychological need or emptiness. During the past week, when my mind was elsewhere and I went many hours without eating, I never experienced hunger. HUH! Quite a lesson for me. To top off the experience, I heard a Dr. Dean Edell radio moment in which he said that older people need to practice additional self control in calorie consumption in order to maintain a healthy weight. Well, I’ve spent a few days thinking about this and I realized something important. Okay, I’ve lost quite a bit of weight, backed by a strong inner motivator – so now what? The only answer is self control and discipline. There’s no magic or thrill or people asking, “Are you losing weight?” I’m no longer the ‘new’ me, I’m the normal, everyday me. So, in actuality, the work starts now. There’s no break, it will take constant vigilance, one day at a time. This is a great thing! My mindset has become different over the last half year – I really believe having discipline and self control in my life is very beneficial – it’s now a total package. The properly maintained weight gives me a better shot at a longer healthier life – the discipline needed helps build a healthier psyche. How cool is that?

I wanted to update you on the pedometer. I love it! It’s always somewhere in the back of my mind to not only add steps, but aerobic steps! I think it’s played a big part in my new weight loss and sense of discipline. This is from last week:

Have a great week!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Well, well, well…

It had to happen sometime. The cold winter drags on – carbohydrates, like the Sirens in "The Odyssey", calling me in the evening… Okay, I’ll cut the crap; I weighed 185.8 this morning, a big shock indeed. What can I say – time to call up the reserves in self control – I don’t mind a static week or a little gain – but this was more than I bargained for. Oh well, it’s a long road with peaks and valleys – I’ve had it all downhill for months – it’s good for me to see that it’s precarious state and calls for vigilance at all times. Damn it, I love how I feel and look – I’ll not give it all back for some stupid pretzels!

Have a great week!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Moment You Have Been Waiting For!!! ;-)

Drum roll please! This morning my weight, as read on the Tanita HD334*, is 182.6!

*The Tanita HD334 is the official scale of the "My Final Weight Loss Blog"


In all seriousness, this is good. I'm down to losing one pound a week, which was my goal. Winter is perfect for that - I'm lethargic and cold. Man, I guess it's age or loss of body fat, but I'm really feeling the cold weather this year!

I had a mini-binge last night - and I don't care! Don't worry, I'll explain... I was sorta chilled all day and I hadn't eaten a lot anyway. After dinner I felt cold and empty. Then, my brain, which can't remember anything else, remembered an old bag of animal crackers I spotted left over from the last time my daughter was over and spent the night. Well, I ate a bunch of them. Yep, and I felt a little better. I guess, in a way, that's what I needed at that time. I'm not worried because I know I can't do that all the time, I won't do it tonight, or again for a while. I've worked too damned hard to lose the fat, I feel too good now that I'm at my proper weight to start the nightly ritual of stuffing my cake-hole.

HMMM - I just realized - it must have bothered me - I just wrote a big paragraph about it, and the more I wrote the more emphatic I became. Weird. I like this blog...

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hey Guys! Another Good Reason...

Dieting May Cut Risk for Gum Disease, Mostly In Males

For men, especially older men, dieting may help reduce the risk of gum disease more than for women, according to a new study by researchers at the University of Maryland, Baltimore and other institutions.

The study, published in the journal Nutrition, also provides the latest clue to a powerful link between chronic inflammation and poor health, according to Mark Reynolds, DDS, PhD, associate professor at the Dental School, part of UMB.

"Chronic inflammation appears to be an important factor underlying aging and many age-related disorders, and dietary restriction has been shown to reduce the risk for chronic disease and promote longevity in multiple animal models," says Reynolds, who is chair of the Department of periodontics at the School.

The study, of 81 rhesus monkeys at the National Institutes of Health, showed that males fed a diet of 30 percent fewer calories for 13 to 17 years had significantly lower levels of a gum-damaging condition known as periodontal pocketing, less immune response to invading bacteria, and higher inflammatory molecules than males fed a normal diet. Periodontal inflammation and disease start from bacteria.

Also, for the monkeys not fed the reduced-calorie diet, males showed "significantly greater periodontal breakdown" than females. Consistent with previous studies of humans, the monkeys in the study showed an increasing degree of gum problems as they aged.

Aging and obesity are associated with increased biological signs of overall inflammation and periodontal disease in humans, says Reynolds. Although about one-third of adults aged 30 to 90 have periodontitis, attempts to study humans directly have been hampered by the environmental complexities of oral diseases and factors such as smoking.

Non-human primates, such as rhesus monkeys, are an important model for studying inflammatory gum disease and oral infections in humans, says Reynolds.

Reynolds studies the role of inflammation in periodontal disease, including modifiable risk factors such as nutrition. Periodontal disease is one of the few inflammatory conditions that can be readily seen and studied in humans and other animals.

Reynolds was at the National Institute on Aging (NIA) before joining the faculty at the Dental School in 1999. Continuing research verified that the monkeys develop visible gum disease, and the NIA awarded John Novak, BDS, LDS, RCS, MS, at the University of Kentucky; Reynolds; and others a five-year grant for their study.

Men develop higher rates of periodontal and coronary heart disease than do women on the whole, says Reynolds. A major question has been: how much do modifiable risk factors, such as smoking, physical inactivity, and obesity, contribute to the male-female gap? Or, is this difference in risk a natural occurrence between males and females? The monkey study seems to point to a genetic basis for the difference in risk, he says, reflecting underlying differences in how males and females respond to injury and inflammation.

He adds, "An understanding of such sex differences will become increasingly more important in the selection of treatments as we move toward personalized medicine based on individual genetic profiles."

The study appears in the Oct. 15 online issue of Nutrition, and will appear in the January hard copy. Along with Novak and Reynolds, the study team included other researchers from the Maryland and the University of Kentucky, as well as researchers at the Virginia Commonwealth University, the National Institute of Aging, and Louisiana State University.

Author: Steve Berberich
Author Phone: 410-706-0023
Author email:

A Second Mid-Week Post!

Thanks to Pamela and Ron, both for your concern for George (no change) and curiosity about the scale (it arrived).

The scale is very, very nice. It's very well made, with some heft, and seems more serious about it's intended use than my old scale. I did weigh myself and I was surprised. Pleasantly surprised! No great loss, but a loss all the same. I'll do an official weigh-in on Sunday and post the numbers. The only "fancy" function of the scale is that you can input your goal weight and the scale tells you how far above it or below it you are - kind of a "DUH!" - but I guess these days people expect things to do a bit more that it's intended use - kinda like your boss. :-D

It's the Tanita HD334 ($36.00 shipped):

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Mid-Week Post!

First - Pamela's suggestion of the Tanita scale was right on the mark - after some research I ordered one from Amazon on Sunday and it has been shipped! Hopefully I'll have it by the weekend - I'm really curious what my weight is!

I have been having a blast with the pedometer - it really outputs interesting data. Here is part of the output I compiled yesterday morning:

Cool, huh? I think so. It really pushes me to walk more and walk faster!

Lastly, our surrogate child - George, our dog - has been sick since last Thursday and in the Vet hospital since Monday. The vet is cautiously optimistic - he says it's severe gastroenteritis We're (my wife and I) are pretty bummed about the whole thing. I can tell I'm down - I'm hungry ALL the time and it's really a struggle to hold off the munchies. So far so good.

I'll keep you all posted on stuff!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

A FUBAR Scale and I Guess I Do Get Exercise...

Well, it finally happened, the digital scale has bitten the dust. I could not get a consistent reading this morning – it read anywhere from I lost four to I gained three. I don’t think it’ been accurate anyway. The last time I went to the doctor’s office I weighed less full dressed and well fed than I did at home on this scale. Time to research and Amazon a new one; hopefully next week I can give you a weight!

Speaking of Amazon… I bought a pedometer. Way cool! The one I bought measures steps, aerobic steps and distance. You can also download the data to your desktop and keep a spreadsheet of your history! I knew I walked a lot. From the subway to my building is one half mile and I like to walk it fast (especially going home!). I have also been walking my dog, George, a lot more. It seems that I walk up to three to five miles a day and between 30 to 60 minutes is aerobic! Pretty good news.

The pedometer is the Amron HJ-720IT.
And I can't let this go by without introducing my daughter and son-in-law's new Corgi pup - Lucy!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Weight loss, exercising and reconditioning the brain...

I counted and this is around the 27th week I've been doing this lifestyle change. I lost 2.2 pounds this week! Yeah, I'm a little surprised at the amount, but I think I’m catching up from last week too. I haven’t been exercising per se, but I’ve been more active in other ways. I’m not a good exerciser – it’s one of the reasons that I wanted to lose weight by learning to control my eating rather than depend on exercise. I realized that in the past I’d lose weight by exercising a lot but still eating too much. Then, when the exercising lost its initial attraction, the pounds came back and I felt defeated. I had to accept I am not a person who can maintain an exercise regimen, but I need to lose the weight via restricting food intake. That’s helped a lot the last couple of months. This pertains mainly to the winter months – spring and summer I do much better. I just need to maintain my reconditioning through this winter and I’ll be very much on my way. I do try to be active in other way, being sedentary is a bad thing.

My dog developed some issues recently, so I contacted an animal behaviorist and had a very interesting discussion with her. Funny, I was able to relate it to me maintaining a proper weight as well as to the dog. For me, it’s all about conditioning and reward. I cannot reward myself with a big meal or a treat of some kind. It sends my tiny brain the wrong signal, I guess. I found that I need lifestyle rewards – feeling better about myself, new clothes, etc. I think of those rewards when I’m tempted and it’s a better trigger for “correct” behavior.

Oh, the extra activity – longer and more walks for the dog… a bad week to start – I think I lost more weight by my body burning calories to keep warm than the actual physical part!

Have a great week everybody!

Friday, January 16, 2009


WOW! That's how I feel when I finally got around to looking at this blog. Eighteen followers and some really encouraging comments - I am truly humbled. Gad, I didn't realize it had been so long since I posted... I've been busy lately and distracted with other issues in my life, but I have not let the goal of losing weight and keeping it slip out of focus. It's a daily thing and it does take some effort, but I'm mostly on top. I did slip last Friday! We had pizza for dinner; I had my usual portion and was finishing up when my wife had to leave for an appointment. Well, I got out my current book and started to read - the next thing I knew I had finished off the pizza - yea, the whole thing! Then I ate about ten cookies for desert - I have no excuse - I did because of the drive that kicks it at some point. I picture it's like the alcoholic who has a drink or two and then the "what the hell" mode takes over. I'm sure some of you can identify with that feeling. Oh well, I'm only human. The trick is that now there's no guilt the next day. It's a new day - new victories lie ahead - I was back on track and have been ever since. I weighed in at 186.6 on Sunday.

I want to get to around 180, but I want these last few pounds to come off slowly. I have not been counting points (before I eat) the last couple of weeks and I think the WW lessons sunk in pretty good. I have a good sense of portions, etc, but I still need to check the point value of foods that I'm not familiar with. I really want this to be a lifestyle and it's starting to feel that way, a bit.

I get complimented on my new look all the time and that's nice. What I really enjoy is how good I feel!

I promise I'll post my weight on Sunday!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Making Things Right


First, thanks to all of you that comment each week (e.g. Pamela, Ron...), it does mean a lot.

Second, I re-weighed myself on my own scale last week and I had lost a pound - so my weight for last week was actually 189.2. I'll weigh in tomorrow morning - I'm banking on at least a pound so I did my photo thingy...


Sunday, December 28, 2008

Another Week


Well, here it is - another week has past. But not any week - Christmas was in there. Lots of food, not the correct food, was shoved in the old pie-hole. At least I broke even - same weight: 190.4 -so, no damage done. All that crap food - cookies, cakes, pies, chocolates - makes me feel so lethargic; well, more lethargic than normal. Today I'm going to eat right and head downward again.

The doctor visit was great - he said my goal weight should be 180, so ten pounds to go!

Ah, yes - the glucose - you've been waiting for that, right?

TA-DA! Man, that looks good! Though after yesterday it may be around 180! Just kidding...


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Catching Up

First, I want to thank everyone who left a comment - that's really cool and I need the encouragement!

Well I missed posting last week - no biggie - I weighed in at 192.4 - a 1.2 pound loss. I'm slowing the loss up some and trying to wean my self off the constant tracking and going with a "lifestyle" approach. Man, Weight Watchers really teaches you a lot! I still "count" and look up foods, but not tracking every bite. I sometimes look up foods after I eat to see how I did - I'm really getting a good sense of what and how much I should eat. I weighed myself this morning and it was 191.2 - that rocks - I feel great!

I had blood work done yesterday and the lipid panel was posted last night look at this!

WOW, huh? I'm waiting for the glucose numbers to come in - that, to me, is most important. As soon as I get those in I'll put 'em up!

I have a busy Holiday ahead - my daughter and her husband are coming in for a week and I'm really looking forward to the time with the entire family together!

Merry Christmas everyone! And a Happy Hanukkah to my Jewish friends!

Sunday, December 7, 2008


This is why I missed a week! I wanted to wait until I hit the "Big 50" at WW. When you add in the first ten pounds I lost it's actually 61.4 pounds this year! WOW!
It seems that all I get is compliments these days and another guy joined due to his daughter and my success with WW. I still keep it in perspective, I really didn’t do this to look good and hear compliments – it was begun for my health. I feel great, really great – like years younger! I have reset my goal to 185. I realize that I’m not done; I’m not at my correct, healthy weight. I have an appointment on Dec 22 with my doctor – I’ll let him make the final decision.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Week 18 has granted me another 1.8 pounds less of me – there are a lot of people besides me who say the less of me the better! :-) Man, the cold weather is a killer – I seem hungrier these days – last night I dreamed I was eating Sun Chips and couldn’t stop. The funny part is I knew the points and was counting as I ate!!! That’s true!

Doing the on-line WW presents a challenge in that there’s nobody to monitor what or how you’re doing on the plan. Personally I’ve made the GOAD my “monitor”. I dutifully report my WI each week as if I were going to a meeting – I take it seriously. I’ve gotten feedback on my comments and it has been a very positive force in my weight loss.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Pictures Tell the Tale...

A thousand words and all that crap...

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Week 17 – I break 200 and 2 NSVs!

What a great week! Let’s start with my Sunday WI – 199.6! I, for the first time in many years, weigh less than 200 pounds! I feel like a feather – LOL! I look and feel great! I’m wearing good looking clothes and a Harris Tweed sport jacket I bought 20 years ago has been part of my attire for a couple of weeks – but this week it fit perfectly - a 32R! Can you tell I’m happy?

The two NSVs involve two different people I hadn’t seen for a while. Both said almost the same thing when they saw me which was “You look great!” They wanted to know how I did it, the amount and all the details – wow, it sure made me feel good.

The me that walks around today is definitely a different guy. I feel more confident and far less negatively self-conscience. I never realized how my weight was affecting me psychologically until the last several weeks. I’m looking forward to hitting my goal and sustaining it though Weight Watchers!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Week Sixteen!

Another 2 pounds down - I have not gone a week yet where I didn't lose weight.

My wife and I went to Don Pablo's last night - before I went I looked up the nutritional values of their menu on-line and I was able to get a meal within my points available! I did change the rice & beans to double vegetables and only had a couple of chips. Man, their vegetables are great!

I’m really getting into the discipline of eating right. I have felt so much better since I started controlling my eating – physically and mentally. I’ve read in books and heard people say how it’s mentally & physically healthy to practice discipline in eating and I scoffed at the control freaks - I have never been good at self control - but now I’ve found that there is truth in the practice of dietary control. Now I’m one of those control freaks… (not quite! :-D)

Why Weight Watchers works (in my opinion):

The Weight Watchers approach to weight loss
Our food plans are just part of the overall Weight Watchers approach. We also offer advice on developing healthy habits, building a supportive environment, and getting exercise—and why these “Four Pillars” can help you lose weight and keep it off for good.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

41.4 in 15

Has it been fifteen weeks already? Time is flying by. I lost a modest 1.6 pounds this week and I’m delighted. So far I have not gone a week without losing weight – 41.4 pounds lost since joining Weight Watchers.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Adjusting Goal Weight & Fourteen Week Weigh In

Weighed in at 205.2 – still losing – still excited about WW. But I was giving my goal weight of 199 some thought – I believe it’s too high. When I initially set it that weight seemed reasonable for me, but now, at 205, I see how much fat I still have hanging off me! That also has my BMI over 30. Many years ago, when I weighed 185-190, that seemed a pretty healthy weight for me. I am large framed (doctor confirmed), so I think 190 is a better, more realistic goal for me at age 55.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Updated the Progress Pic

(click it to see it BIG)

Thirteen Lucky Weeks!

Another great week – down another two pounds for a total of 37+ pounds since joining WW and 46 pounds since March of this year.

Funny, when at 245 - 250, I thought at my current weight I’d be skinny. Well, comparatively speaking, I am, but I still have a belly and plenty of cushion – so I still have a way to go!

Did a quick picture thing this morning...

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ah, Yes – the Blood Work Caveat.

Well, one more list of test results straggled in and one of the numbers was NOT good…

GLUCOSE POST FAST ----- 113 ---- 70-99 MG/DL
My blood glucose is four points above the highest level it should be. It was three points higher, at 116, in July. Kinda not good that it didn’t drop more. So, I need to keep losing weight and he’ll retest in three months. Man, I hope I didn’t cause diabetes by carrying that fat for so long. We’ll see…

Sunday, October 12, 2008


I was retested to see if all my funky, loser-type, fat-induced, off-the-scale figures improved. They sure did!

Twelve Weeks!!

Another THREE pounds! Thirty-five lost. Weight=209.8!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Week Eleven and Sea Gull Century Report

First the weigh in report is another 2.2 pounds down – I weighed 212.8 as of this morning! 32.2 pounds of fat gone!

Now, the Sea Gull. There are not enough superlatives to describe this weekend! First off, it was the 20th Annual Sea Gull and I had bid on the rider number 20 and I won! Very cool. They also gave me a signed print of the picture for this year’s ride – even more very cool. There were over 6000 riders of all ages, shapes, races, and you name it, from all over North America bombarding the small town of Salisbury, Maryland. On Friday night there was a reception with a DJ, barbecued chicken, Nachos, soft pretzels, popcorn, beer, wine and energy drinks – all outside - very, very nice. Ride day was perfect weather-wise. I was up at 4:40 too excited to sleep and raring to go. The ride was beautiful – all day I seemed to peddle effortlessly – one of my best biking memories. When the ride was over there was a party of all parties! Hot dogs, hamburgers, grilled chicken, soda, beer out the wazoo and best of all a live band. Man, what a weekend - 2009 – here I come! I’ll do the picture thing ASAP.