Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Second Mid-Week Post!

Thanks to Pamela and Ron, both for your concern for George (no change) and curiosity about the scale (it arrived).

The scale is very, very nice. It's very well made, with some heft, and seems more serious about it's intended use than my old scale. I did weigh myself and I was surprised. Pleasantly surprised! No great loss, but a loss all the same. I'll do an official weigh-in on Sunday and post the numbers. The only "fancy" function of the scale is that you can input your goal weight and the scale tells you how far above it or below it you are - kind of a "DUH!" - but I guess these days people expect things to do a bit more that it's intended use - kinda like your boss. :-D

It's the Tanita HD334 ($36.00 shipped):


spunkysuzi said...

Looks like a good scale!

Stages of Change said...

Yea, looks good. Good luck with it on Sunday!

Ron said...

To be able to report a loss with a new scale will be awesome

Diana said...

I have a Tanita and I love it. It weighs me exactly what the Weight Watcher scale weighs me. It's not exactly like yours, but I think they're great scales.

Plus, it showed a loss. It's already worth what you paid for it. :)

Anonymous said...

I would love to get a new scale - mine only works sometimes, the floor has to be completely level, etc.

I have to weigh myself at the gym's digital scale.

Losing Myself said...

Who'd have ever thought that we'd get excited about a new scale! LOL
It does look very nice though.

Camevil said...

I just got a Tanita scale, too. It makes my heart go aflutter.

Of course, a year ago I would have hissed and started speaking in tongues if I came within 10 feet of any scale. Funny that.