Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Weird But Wonderful Weigh-In

I had a very “interesting” week; quite tumultuous, to say the least. Consequently I missed a few meals – I went almost a day and a half without eating at one point. So when I got on the scales this morning I weighed 178.6! I was very surprised, to say the least – oh, and yes, I tried several times to make sure! Needless to say, the Weight Watchers web site yelled at me, but I don’t care! I feel great and I’ve learned a lot.

What’s wrong with being hungry? Why am I so driven by it – almost afraid of it? I often I wonder if it’s really true hunger I that I feel or just psychological need or emptiness. During the past week, when my mind was elsewhere and I went many hours without eating, I never experienced hunger. HUH! Quite a lesson for me. To top off the experience, I heard a Dr. Dean Edell radio moment in which he said that older people need to practice additional self control in calorie consumption in order to maintain a healthy weight. Well, I’ve spent a few days thinking about this and I realized something important. Okay, I’ve lost quite a bit of weight, backed by a strong inner motivator – so now what? The only answer is self control and discipline. There’s no magic or thrill or people asking, “Are you losing weight?” I’m no longer the ‘new’ me, I’m the normal, everyday me. So, in actuality, the work starts now. There’s no break, it will take constant vigilance, one day at a time. This is a great thing! My mindset has become different over the last half year – I really believe having discipline and self control in my life is very beneficial – it’s now a total package. The properly maintained weight gives me a better shot at a longer healthier life – the discipline needed helps build a healthier psyche. How cool is that?

I wanted to update you on the pedometer. I love it! It’s always somewhere in the back of my mind to not only add steps, but aerobic steps! I think it’s played a big part in my new weight loss and sense of discipline. This is from last week:

Have a great week!


Losing Myself said...

So much of the new lifestyle is based on discipline. When we get past the 'on a diet' mindset, and quit thinking we are 'losing out or giving up' something, then it becomes a joy to win the victory over food. GBY!

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