Thursday, July 24, 2008

Let's Get Started

I’m a 55 year-old life-long weight battler, with all zeros in the win column - I’ve yo-yoed so much I could use the name “Duncan”. Consequently, I gave up years ago and just resigned myself to being fat – (5’8” 240 – 255 LBS.) – when I’d hit 250/255 I’d cut back a bit, so I did have my limits. My biggest issue is I’m one of the laziest guys I know – I love lying down and reading, watching TV or whatever – as long as I’m horizontal. Over the last several months I have tried to keep to a structured diet, especially not eating after dinner due to the fact I developed a wicked case of GERD and I didn’t want to deal with that anymore. It sounds good but I was still overeating, eating a lot of the wrong stuff and often snacking at night – waking up have aspirated my own vomit! YUMMY! That combined with heart burn caused me to lose sleep.

Well, after six years I decided it was time for a physical. I got a warning from the results – my cholesterol was 238 and my sugar was slightly elevated. Okay, that’s new… I was the guy who could stay overweight with no repercussions, right? Sorry, wrong. Now I’m serious about losing weight – I don’t want to take pills for that stuff – not when there’s an identifiable solution. So, my doctor said to lose weight and come back in the fall for a follow up on the blood work. Will do! It also got me to thinking about retirement and wanting to be healthy and able to enjoy my life then – something that may not happen if I don’t make some changes now. The first thing that came to mind was WW and here I am! About two or three months ago I was around 255 so I cut back and got down to 242 and man I was on a roll - but I slipped again and realized I couldn't do this without help - so I joined Weight Watchers (from now on refered to as WW). I had used WW in the past with much success until I strayed. My daughter uses WW and has done will with it over the years. I hated the meetings when I went before - but now everything is online and I LOVE IT! Also, I just joined Kaised Permenente and they contavt with WW to give us a great discount! The Doc's office weighed me in at 245, so signed up on Saturday at 245 pounds with a goal of 190 pounds. So far it’s been an easier transition this time as I just follow the structured meals I’ve been using – just that now I use the points to guide my choices! I have a stationary bike that I’ve used on and off, so I ‘m back in the saddle again and I make a conscious effort to get up from my desk every once and a while and move around. I don’t care how long it takes to reach the goal – it just needs to get done!

Here's the blood scores:

Component_________Your Value________Standard Range
CHOLESTEROL__________238_________<200>40 - MG/DL
CHOLESTEROL,NON-HDL__191______________- MG/DL
TRIGLYCERIDE_________149_________<150 - MG/DL
LDL__________________161______________- MG/DL

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