Sunday, January 25, 2009

A FUBAR Scale and I Guess I Do Get Exercise...

Well, it finally happened, the digital scale has bitten the dust. I could not get a consistent reading this morning – it read anywhere from I lost four to I gained three. I don’t think it’ been accurate anyway. The last time I went to the doctor’s office I weighed less full dressed and well fed than I did at home on this scale. Time to research and Amazon a new one; hopefully next week I can give you a weight!

Speaking of Amazon… I bought a pedometer. Way cool! The one I bought measures steps, aerobic steps and distance. You can also download the data to your desktop and keep a spreadsheet of your history! I knew I walked a lot. From the subway to my building is one half mile and I like to walk it fast (especially going home!). I have also been walking my dog, George, a lot more. It seems that I walk up to three to five miles a day and between 30 to 60 minutes is aerobic! Pretty good news.

The pedometer is the Amron HJ-720IT.
And I can't let this go by without introducing my daughter and son-in-law's new Corgi pup - Lucy!


Ron said...

Breaking the scale is one way you don't have to report your weight!!! Just kidding!!!! As good as your doing we all know you were going to report a loss, looks like a cool pedometer too. What a cute puppy.
Happy scale shopping and have a good day!

KimberlyO said...

Lucy is adorable! Congrats on the new grand puppy!! :) (My mom proudly shows off our three dogs and cat photos to everyone as if they were human grandchildren.)

Weight Loss Tips said...

Breaking the scale is one way you don't have to report your weight

Losing Myself said...

Scales can be fickle at time, for sure. Breaking it is a sneaky eay to not have to report what you've lost (or gained)

Cute pup!

Pamela said...

Awww, such a cute puppy! So lucky! Sorry to hear that your scale has conked out on you! I don't know from personal experience, but I've heard that Tanita's are good scales. Your pedometer looks cool (and like fun)!